Online Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements, Recommendations, Testimonials, Oh My! How to Get Them

{2:45 minutes to read} Generally speaking, people are happy to complain if they have a problem with a product or service. It’s human nature. Someone is far more likely to go out of their way to criticize than to endorse or compliment. Because of this, as a business owner, you have to take a proactive stance with your online reputation.

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Online Ratings, Reviews, Endorsements, Recommendations, Testimonials, Oh My!

{5:25 minutes to read} Why are online ratings, reviews, endorsements, and recommendations something that you should be concerned about?

If a potential client looks for you online, they’re going to look for you by name and profession or industry. If these potential clients see favorable comments, it’s one of the deciding factors as to whether or not they contact you. With so many ways for people to review, endorse, or rate you (be it positive or negative) you need to pay attention:

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Endorsements, Recommendations & Referrals, Oh My!

{2:42 minutes to read} When speaking with clients in respect to their marketing efforts, I see a lot of endorsements or recommendations – that are referred to as referrals.

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How To Fix Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Recently, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature meant to showcase the different skills of its members called “Endorsements.” Ever since, connections have been actively encouraged to endorse their colleagues via pop-up boxes that allow users to endorse en masse.

People quickly began to question the validity of such endorsements considering how effortless it is to endorse dozens of people with the click of a mouse. But soon another problem emerged: What if I do not want to be endorsed for a particular skill?

It may not be obvious, but no one can endorse you for a skill on your profile until you accept it.

Typically the endorsee gets an email from LinkedIn that says something like, “Congratulations! Your connection, so-and-so, has endorsed you for a new skill, blah, blah, blah.”

There is no “click here to accept skill” button or a link back to the section of your profile showing your skills. This is actually quite misleading on the part of LinkedIn, as the only obvious course of action is to click the “Continue” button.

If you click “Continue,” then congratulations, you have just accepted the endorsement. It now shows up in your profile under the “Skills & Expertise” section where everyone can see it. So where’s the downside?

Too many skills dilute a reader’s perception of your focused abilities. And even worse there may be skills that could get you in trouble legally, or are outside your industry’s professional ethics.

You can remove any skill from your profile, at any time, by following these instructions:


1.      Hover your mouse over the “Profile” menu

2.      Click on “Edit Profile” from the drop down list

3.      Scroll down to the “Skills & Expertise” section and click on “Edit”

4.      Click the “X” on any skill you want to remove

5.      Click “Save” on the bottom left of the section

That’s it! The undesirable skill and related endorsements you marked will no longer be on your profile.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and articulating your hard-earned skills. It might be to your advantage to examine what skills you have been endorsed for to make sure they are not misleading – and to make sure that they are not obscuring/overshadowing your true talents.


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