When is the Right Time to Send Your Article?

{3:50 minutes to read} What time is the right time to send your email newsletter to promote your blog? At phoneBlogger.net we have a set of best practices that maximize your audience and your impact. Many sources, including Constant Contact, have determined what times are best to post to social media or send email newsletters.

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Strategic Blogging 101

phoneBlogging is definitely convenient & addictive – but as my recent blog article points out – it’s not literally “off the cuff.” While it need not take much preparation or research, blogging should take a minute – a whole 1 (or 2) minutes – of thought. As you know, we put your articles on a Publishing Schedule; you can ask to see it any time. The power of your “Pub Sched” is unleashed when you have a bank of approved articles. We have a variety of tricks to help you add to your bank:

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Be Interviewed on Our New YouTube Podcast

Who recommends you? Who do you recommend? On Pareto’s Principle alone, most likely more than 80% of your lucrative clients come from less than 20% of these Referral Relationships. What are you doing to nurture such cross-marketing?

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6 Real Co-Blogging Examples to Leverage Time & Traffic

Blogging can brand you an expert. Moreover, your blog can also help you leverage the reputation & recognition of others. By co-blogging, you can leverage each other’s time, topics & traffic. Here are 3 models, 2 examples each, of how bloggers are exchanging content & contacts:

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25 Blog Article Ideas: our ‘new & improved’ blog post brainstormer

One of the most frustrating aspects of blogging is thinking of new ideas. So, we’ve improved on the Blog Brainstormer that we’ve been using for so long. Originally, we used my AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter column. But we now have more blog post ideas; and more ways to come up with more article ideas.

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Content is NOT King.

I don’t know who first coined the phrase, “Content is King,” but it is quite bandied about in blogging circles. Perhaps it’s the Internet’s version of  “Publish or Perish.” Publishing regular content is vital for the health of your website SEO (all hints of Google’s secret sauce algorithm point to fresh, relevant content).

Publishing interesting content also helps grease the gears of your word-of-mouth marketing. It’s a heck of a lot easier for someone to forward your blog article (or its link) than it is to simply introduce you for some nebulous reason. A referral source may forward your article in direct response to an inquiry made. Or, your referral source may use your blog article as a kind TicTac, a hint of what his or her friend ought to be asking/doing. Your blog article provides a breath of fresh air.

But how do we know there’s new content on your website? Perhaps you have avid RSS or email followers? Maybe your topic is distinguished enough to be found via search results. Or hopefully, you pro-actively promote your blog articles via your social media networks (G+ included) and through an e-newsletter. Without such ways, your new blog article is yet another best kept secret. It may think it’s king, but it’s nonetheless impotent.

Rather, I contend, those marketing channels (RSS, SEO indexing, social media, email!) are the real Kings. To stretch the metaphor, perhaps content is the Queen. They can make beautiful babies together (or at least prospective ones).

SO, when writing your blog articles, keep the kings in mind: Why, when, and how can someone easily forward this article to someone else?

Do you know someone obsessed with writing the perfect article? They need to stop perseverating over every word, or trying to footnote every point made. Tell them to get on with it. Content is NOT their King. Tell them they are quite figuratively putting the cart before the horse. Or allow me to banish their foul breath: share this little TicTac with them (click the Envelope icon right below the title).

Why Blog?

Many professionals ask, “Why Should I Blog?”  Many have heard about it but they don’t necessarily understand what blogging is unless they’ve actually done it.  The primary reason you, as a professional practitioner should be blogging, is to showcase your experience and expertise, which will help you become a Branded ExpertTM in your field.  Here’s how it lays out:

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Has Your Marketing Plan Failed You?

How using a dashboard can make all the difference.

A marketing plan is typically a bound document, predicting the right actions for growth. It usually covers more than a few months, often a year and sometimes longer. It includes your vision, interim goals and other purpose statements of why you’re doing what you intend on doing. Writing a marketing plan sounds great. Actually finishing a comprehensive market analysis can feel even better.

A marketing plan, by itself, can be pretty ineffective. Rather, for our clients, we implement “Marketing Action Plan (MAP) Dashboards.” An actively-managed Dashboard can help your marketing team stay nimble, pro-active, strategic and focused on the most time- and cost-effective marketing efforts.

Originally published in the AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter. Please click here to go to their site and read more to read more.