Why We Encourage Cross Promotion in Social Media

Every service phoneBlogger.net provides is designed to have people become aware of you, and then be consistently reminded of you. The frequency and number of social channels to which we syndicate and cross-promote your blog articles is because no one will notice or pay attention to all of it.

People will only notice some of the time, on some of the channels, and even then, only take the time to consume (click through and read) some of the times that they notice.

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Strategic Blogging 101

phoneBlogging is definitely convenient & addictive – but as my recent blog article points out – it’s not literally “off the cuff.” While it need not take much preparation or research, blogging should take a minute – a whole 1 (or 2) minutes – of thought. As you know, we put your articles on a Publishing Schedule; you can ask to see it any time. The power of your “Pub Sched” is unleashed when you have a bank of approved articles. We have a variety of tricks to help you add to your bank:

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The Golden Rule of Marketing

Aside from a related LinkedIn lawsuit, the #1 apprehension I hear to uploading contacts into LinkedIn is the fear that their colleagues will get spammed by other members. I squash that concern by showing them the mechanisms that prevent mass blasting. I further explain that we’re all spammed everyday; we only choose to work with those we click with: That’s the real benefit of LinkedIn.

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Networking Best Practices, for Mediators

On Feb 5th, 2013, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) had us back to present more marketing insights. Mark Bullock keynoted at their inaugural conference in Cape Cod in 2012. Now, in the first of a series of 4 webinars, Mark asked me (Vik Rajan) a series of questions about “physical networking.” Here’s a 15 minute excerpt of the full 60-minute webinar (to be available by the APFM shortly).

Upcoming APFM Marketing Webinars include:

– Direct Reach out to COI (Referral Sources)
– Your Online / Web Presence (as a Mediator)
– Social Media (Online Networking), for MediatorsWebinars are available at no-cost for members. Please email me for more information, or stay tuned!

Marketing ideas for Accountants & Attorneys

Whatever you call it: accountant marketing, marketing accounting or CPA services; lawyer marketing, law firm marketing; client development, networking, referral / word of mouth marketing, seminar marketing, blog / blawg, e-newsletters, book marketing; personal branding, or rainmaking:

Linked In Group - Marketing Ideas for Accountants and Attorneys

Let’s discuss it in our own LinkedIn group
(of course, you must first be a LinkedIn member).

It’s only open to accountants & attorneys. Special exceptions are being made for marketing specialists in these fields. So far we have 170 members and several  active discussions.

Request to join (please mention you saw it on this blog).

Seminar Marketing

A new way to zero in on new clientele.

October 18, 2010
by Vikram Rajan

“Seminar Marketing” is a catch-all phrase that includes public presentations, speaking engagements and classes. In some form, it should be a mainstay of your Marketing Action Plan (MAP). When done right, seminars produce a bounty of leads, client loyalty and billing and brand you a niche expert. Here are five specific dos, don’ts and thumb-rules when it comes to seminar marketing.

Do: Have a Goal for the Year
How many seminars do you want to do this year? “As many as I can,” may be your answer. A goal is meant to challenge you: How many seminars do you do now? If the answer is close to none, or sporadic, at the very best, then a goal of four seminars in the next 12 months would be a good start. In my column, Six Marketing Seasons of 2010, I revealed the pros and pitfalls of two-month segments. You can use that as a guide as to when you should schedule your seminars.

Originally published in the AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter. Please click here to go to their site and read more to read more.

Make Your Year-End Count

Five marketing strategies show you how

You survived September’s quarterlies, and this month’s extensions. As you begin to endure the flurry of compilations, audits, and review, don’t let your marketing lapse! The last quarter is the perfect time for CPAs to grow new business, for two main reasons:

1.In the next few weeks, you will naturally be speaking to your clients.

2.Financial review is end-of-year zeitgeist.

Originally published in the AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter. Please click here to read more

NYSCDM 28th Annual Conference

Practice Marketing, Inc. & phoneBlogger.net
Sponsors NYSCDM 28th Annual Conference

Practice Marketing Advisors (PMA) Mark Bullock and Vik Rajan are proud to be sponsors of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation’s 28th annual conference entitled Mediation, Taking It to the Next Level. The Conference will be held May 5-7, 2011 at The Doubletree Inn, Tarrytown, NY.

The New York State Council on Divorce Mediation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of divorce mediation. Among its services to the community, the Council works actively to promote family wellness by increasing public awareness of mediation as an alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce process.

Mark and Vik advise numerous mediators on how to successfully market their practices and create name brand recognition. Keynote speakers last year, Mark and Vik, strong proponents of alternative conflict resolution which the mediation process provides, and are both very happy to continue their ongoing relationship with the NYSCDM as conference sponsors this year.

If you would like to learn more about the conference and/or register, click here or you can go to the NYSCDM website and click on the “Calendar of Events”.

For more information on membership in the NYSCDM, click here.

For information on the Best Practices for marketing your practice or business, please contact Mark at 631-754-0800 and/or Vik at (516) 642-4100. Their methods have worked for others, and can work for you!