Is Your Response Time Costing You Money?

I, like many of you, am often in email purgatory. My inbox “overflowith” with staff questions & updates, client requests & questions, personal email, industry news, social media requests & updates, junk mail, etc, etc. And mixed in with this daily storm of emails are the occasional inquiries from referrals, or our website. I must admit, I’ve far too often led off a reply with an apology for the delay in getting back to people. It’s a modern & common problem – but – as professional services providers we simply can’t delay getting back to people on important matters, and what’s more important (other than existing client service of course) than an inquiry from a potential client/prospect?

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How Do Your Clients Know That You’re the Best?

Mark and I started to help our clients establish themselves as Branded Experts™ and to grow their Internet-based referrals. This column, published on AICPA’s on March 19, 2012, explores the concept of how CPA’s can establish themselves as “the best.”

Accountants find themselves in humbling positions where they don’t want to necessarily brag about how much better they are than others or that they should be chosen over one account or another. However, bragging is what marketing materials do best.

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Distinguish Your Practice

On May 11, 2010, I was a panelist on AICPA/PCPS’ webinar: The Future Is Write Now: How marketing your expertise must change! I previewed the webinar in my April column. Pithy writing sparks more referrals when your practice is already distinguished.

More and more CPA practices are becoming specialized and focused. Thus, many accountants are enjoying the same peer-to-peer referrals as attorneys have for decades. Moreover, distinguished practices tend to be more profitable and fulfilling. If you run a humdrum practice, you can add more luster to your practice with these 4 facets:

1. Specialized Credentials

Beyond CPA, what other specialized designations enhance your name? The AICPA offers many accreditations, including Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and Certified in Information Technology Professional (CITP). Likewise, many CPAs are also attorneys, MBAs and more.

Originally published in the AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter. Please click here to go to their site and to read more.