Why Online-Only Marketing is Not Enough for Professional Services

{2:35 minutes to read} Blogging, newsletters, and social media engagement are a critical part of building your Branded Expert status. These tools can do wonders to help expand your reach and keep you on the radar screens of those that are already familiar with you, as well as past and potential new clients.

This is important, because the majority of new business has, and always will, result from referrals.

However, cultivating referral relationships requires more than a strong social media presence (which again plays a critical role). Building and sustaining in-person relationships matter because:

1. People are far more likely to refer to someone that they’ve gotten to know by meeting face-to-face, even if only for coffee.

2. Some people do not participate in social media—making e-newsletters or a physical mailing, card, or note are important modes of contact.

3. Social media is a competitive space—your postings may not always make it to your audience when you publish through those channels. In-person meetings and strategic networking events, therefore, can provide a way to not only meet but also share physical copies of your relevant and important blog articles.

Online efforts reinforce and expand your personal business relationships. But the fact remains that nothing beats personal and in-person interaction when initially building referral relationships.

A great place to start a relationship or take an existing one to the next level is to set up a face-to-face meeting—and go from there! Bring printouts of a few of your important blog articles, and be sure to first and foremost—take an interest in the other person—then explore what synergies may be possible between you.

Just a few examples:

  • Referrals (clearly).
  • Introductions to others that could benefit either or both of your practices. (Who do you know that you think I should get to know?)
  • Discover groups/industry associations that you might have an affinity with and perhaps may even be able to present at.

What are some of the ways you have used face-to-face conversations to develop new contacts or business? Share your ideas in the “Leave a Reply” section below!

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