Do You Have All Five Types Of Testimonials?

Not all testimonials are made equal. Some reviews may be from raving fans, while others are just raving mad. Beyond questionable reviews, though, testimonials affirm your value in the voices of those benefitted by you. Testimonials most often come from clients, but colleagues can also edify you. Here are five types of testimonials you should collect and promote (with permission).

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Does Your Bio Inspire Prospects to Want to Work With You?

{2:00 minutes to read} A professional bio is a critical component for business owners and entrepreneurs—especially those in professional services. Prospects, COIs, and referrals are Googling you, and it’s important to share your credentials, experience, and achievements via a concise format, i.e., your professional bio.

A basic bio is standard, but you can enhance your brand by expanding your bio into a “creation story.”

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More Than Four Cross-Marketing Techniques To Increase Referrals

Have you heard of the Golden Rule of Referrals? “The more you refer unto others, the more others will refer unto you.” Cross-marketing is one technique that makes giving and receiving referrals easier. Help your business — and your colleagues — gain more exposure, nurture more referrals and close more business with these four cross-marketing ideas.

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{3:42 minutes to read} As a client, there are many value added features that innately come with content marketing.

Built-In Features of’s Content Marketing:

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