Introducing the New Article Template is in the process of rolling out a new article template across the company.

The revamp creates a standardization across the client base. For that reason, the new article template has a set of standards with a checklist – built right into the template – so clients can see it. It also serves as a constant reminder to reinforce our best practices, for both you, the client, and our team.

Clients will immediately recognize the top section of the template: the article title, their approval area, and the word count. What will be new is the addition of our blog standards.

There are about 30 different qualities we look for and ensure are in each article. These are all the things we at are doing for our clients – editorially and behind the scenes – to make sure their article is meeting our exacting company standards.

The article template provides a place for everything, so that it’s all organized and standardized. The draft will go into the primary draft area of the article template. Below the draft is a place for:

  • Noting the author’s voice preferences;
  • A transcription or original draft; and
  • Any notes about the article that the editor might take when having communications with the client about that article.

We’re excited about the new template because we think it will help us on the quality control side, and to make sure that we’re putting out articles that are compelling to read, visually attractive, and well optimized.

It’s important to note that our clients are the authors, not our team. Although we have people who have writing capability, we are infact editors and publishers. As an online publisher, we are helping our client just as a print publisher would – with editing, proofing, and encouraging compelling introductions, titles, etc.

Then we’re handling the technology of getting your articles in front of your audience (via newsletters and social media, as two examples) – essentially syndication and distribution (or what we call promoting).

Whether a client prefers to send us an article draft, or whether they provide content via the phone blogging process, content is created the same way – by the author.

Initial feedback on the new article template has been positive. Clients like that everything is itemized for them to see. Most clients had no idea that even half of these things were going on behind the scenes, and that these were the services that was providing to them.

Some clients have been initially a little overwhelmed from seeing all of this, but in a really positive way. They’ve reported a sense of relief, specifically, sharing with us that they’re receiving a top-quality service for the publications they are sharing to their customers, clients and colleagues.

We’re really trying to make sure that we’re holding our own feet to the fire, and in fact, have our clients hold our feet to the fire as well, to ensure that our standards & best practices are maintained.

We’ve written several articles about using blogging and social media to foster referrals.

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