What to Do with Social Media Comments

As our client, phoneBlogger’s standard practice is to promote your blog posts to your social media profiles and groups, generating new discussions.

Discussions result in likes and/or comments within social networks, or directly on the blog post on your website. Responses can fall into one of 3 categories:

1. Positive or reinforcing of your point of view
2. Negative or counterpoint to your point of view
3. Unrelated to the subject matter

Generally speaking, if the response is positive, we suggest following up with a comment of your own, either thanking them for the positive reinforcement, adding an additional point, or similar example to the person’s comment.

If someone places a nice comment, asks additional questions, and/or wants further information, and you find yourself wanting to reply at length, you can do that – but I suggest that you then turn that response into a blog post. Many comment streams or threads spawn additional blog ideas. Following up by writing a second blog post revisiting the same topic is also a wonderful way to forward the conversation with your audience.

If the response is negative, you should first decide if it’s relevant and worth addressing. While you’re welcome to respond, we encourage you not to get into an argument that is in a public discussion thread. Respond without criticizing the original commenter – remember this is a public forum. You don’t want to be criticizing someone in public.

If the response is completely unrelated, I personally think it’s best to simply ignore it. Other people reading the discussion will more than likely realize the response is unrelated, so there’s usually no point in responding.

We’ve written several articles about blogging and idea generation.

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