First 2 Points for Bulleting Your Blog… Part 1

I am phoneBlogging this article. What does that mean? I am not actually typing these lines, but rather recording my thoughts so that someone else can then transcribe, edit and polish my words into a finished article.

If I were to just speak “off the cuff,” I would have some difficulty keeping my thoughts organized – that’s why I have a bulleted list in front of me with my main points.

I was inspired to phoneBlog today after I received an email from one of my editors named Dan. Dan reported that a client of ours at was feeling bad because he thought he was “too disorganized” the last time they recorded a blog article…to which I replied: “Well, we need to show our clients that they should be speaking ‘off the notes’ instead of speaking off the cuff.”

For example, before I started to record this I wrote down my ideas as bullet points, and decided that for this article, there are 4 main points to remember.

  1. Who should read this and why? If you’re a client of, looking to boost your word-of-mouth referrals, or are just a blogger in general, this is where to start. Is there some type of frustration or desire that you are looking to clarify or satisfy? A common question that your clients ask you? My editors & I can help you achieve more organization through phoneBlogging, or even help you improve your text-blogging.
  2. What do you want the reader to learn? Making an outline of your main points helps not only you, but the overall organization of the finished article. Titles like, “4 Ways to Do Something” or “4 Points to Remember” will make for easier recognition of the topic, and a numbered list format means faster reading. has learned from experience that the most effective blog posts are between 300 and 500 words, and should be able to be read in 3-5 minutes – and, most importantly, they should leave the reader wanting more.

So join me next time for the other 2 tips about phoneBlogging off the notes, not off the cuff!  

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