The Golden Rule of Marketing

Aside from a related LinkedIn lawsuit, the #1 apprehension I hear to uploading contacts into LinkedIn is the fear that their colleagues will get spammed by other members. I squash that concern by showing them the mechanisms that prevent mass blasting. I further explain that we’re all spammed everyday; we only choose to work with those we click with: That’s the real benefit of LinkedIn.

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Is Your Response Time Costing You Money?

I, like many of you, am often in email purgatory. My inbox “overflowith” with staff questions & updates, client requests & questions, personal email, industry news, social media requests & updates, junk mail, etc, etc. And mixed in with this daily storm of emails are the occasional inquiries from referrals, or our website. I must admit, I’ve far too often led off a reply with an apology for the delay in getting back to people. It’s a modern & common problem – but – as professional services providers we simply can’t delay getting back to people on important matters, and what’s more important (other than existing client service of course) than an inquiry from a potential client/prospect?

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