Which social network is right for you?

The Editor of AICPA’s “CPA Insider,” Sukanya Mitra, originally asked me to write a column in response to Pinterest’s rapid growth.  I retorted with an explanation of the demographic that Pinterest addresses:  It is not that congruent with a professional journal or publication, specifically for CPA’s.  You can read my full explanation in the column.  I proposed to write a column on the 4 leading social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest) and the demographics each represents, the target markets that marketers or advertisers could reach through them.  I purposely left Google+ out.  At the time, statistics showed that Google+ was less popular than MySpace.  I didn’t think it was a relevant player yet and therefore shouldn’t be included in the article.

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Turning Networking Lemons into Lemonade

A client recently expressed disappointment in a poorly attended networking event with a self promoting organizer.  His feeling was that it had been a total waste of his time.

I remember attending an event where the self-important organizer/speaker droned on and on – I didn’t want to sit there listening to him “waste my time”.  I almost got up and left – then I got an idea; – what if I set aside my cynicism for a moment, raised my hand, and in a positive way, asked a question about what he was droning on about?  What if I participated in the conversation – maybe even converting the unwelcome speech into a conversation?

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Your Marketing Cheat Sheet – Four quadrants that can help grow your business.

Originally this column was a lot longer when it was published on June 25, 2012.  It was extremely complex and laborious mainly because the Practice Marketing Cheatsheet is equally so.  It is arranged in four quadrants: the top two pertains to traditional marketing; the bottom two focus on Internet marketing.  This column focuses on the upper right hand portion of the cheat sheet, which spells the handy acronym “WATERS”.  You can read the column for its explanation.

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Why Blog?

Many professionals ask, “Why Should I Blog?”  Many have heard about it but they don’t necessarily understand what blogging is unless they’ve actually done it.  The primary reason you, as a professional practitioner should be blogging, is to showcase your experience and expertise, which will help you become a Branded ExpertTM in your field.  Here’s how it lays out:

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